Meghana has been a student of the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama for the past 10 years. In a span of 10 years we have seen a phenomenal change in her and most of its credit goes to Dr. Zulfia and the school. BSSD always provided her with a comfortable and caring environment which is not found in most institutions today, especially those that cater to groups.

BSSD has helped Meghana through her growing years. It in a way became her second home. She would make ends meet just to make sure she could attend her drama class and give it equal if not more importance than school. As the years passed and academic pressure increased Meghana did not give up on her love for BSSD and continued to attend class therefore teaching her to prioritise and balance her work-life skills that are very important in today’s world. BSSD had become a major part of her as well as our lives.

BSSD helped her grow as a person. She started opening up and learnt to stand up for herself. BSSD has brought out the leader inside of her. It has also helped her majorly in choosing her career path. Her ability to communicate clearly and her confidence to hold her own opinion are some of the few things BSSD has cultivated in her. We are thankful to Dr.Zulfia and BSSD for helping our child find her calling.


My association with Zulfia is more than a decade old now! I had enrolled my elder son in BSSD way back in 2003 assuming it to be a finishing school where  he would learn some communication skills and become more conversant in English.

Never knowing then, that it would be one of the most important and best decisions of my life. Both my boys have undergone different stages of metamorphosis at BSSD and are now beautiful  butterflies with wings spread wide, confident and ready to take on any challenge in life! I am eternally indebted to Zulfia for having instilled this courage and confidence in my kids in  a gentle yet firm manner, all the while pushing them out of their comfort zone to reach what they  are truly capable of (which obviously only her expert eyes could see)

What she teaches to the kids on surface looks like communication , drama and speech But actually  she transforms them into self-confident, aware , capable and wonderful human  beings.She is a blessing for any parent and child!

“ We are thankful to Dr.Zulfia and BSSD for helping our child find her calling.”


BSSD is a unique creative space that teaches you that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You understand that theatre is an experience created by the coming together of so many moving parts - no on-stage role is “big” or “small”, each is a unique performance within the dynamic of a play. Backstage work is meticulously organized and every single object on-stage has its purpose. Light, sound and miking is thought through in tremendous detail.

My respect for each component of a production has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to my experiences here. I’ve also been pushed out of my comfort zone as an actor and constantly been challenged.

The best thing about BSSD, though, is the people you meet there. Everyone, beginning with Zulfia Aunty, is a mix of wild imagination and endless potential; completely professional when it comes to a production and a source of endless wacky conversation otherwise.

Truth is, you may leave BSSD, but it will never leave you.


I came into BSSD expecting to learn how to mutter a few seemingly simple words with confidence. I came in thinking that like any other class, one day it would come to an end and we'd move on. Truth is, you may leave BSSD, but it will never leave you. It's more than a class. It’s made me the confident person I am today.

Wherever I go, what BSSD gave me lingers on. I entered alone, left with a family. I entered a boy, left as a man. For this, I am forever grateful.