Programmes at Bangalore School of Speech and Drama

BSSD has been a pioneer institute of its kind adopting a formal and structured syllabus. Our program is long term with children moving from one level to the next as they achieve varying levels of proficiency. This program brings theatre and communication skills to children across Bangalore. Our students are given the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge in three core areas- Drama, Elocution and Communication. Each class is curated with precision, technique and love. This program not only enhances our students' skill set but also gives them the confidence to believe in themselves and the platform to demonstrate their talent. We aim to build a generation of fearless performers and free thinking leaders.

Our program entails




Personality Development

Admission Criteria

. Students should be at least 6 years of age and fluent in the English language .

. WE DO NOT INTERVIEW STUDENTS, as we believe that every student has the potential to be a star and learning should be available to every child.

. Parents however are scrutinized carefully since it is imperative that their goals and ideologies match ours

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