Annual Events

1. Play

Each year students at BSSD undertake a mega production which is performed to over 4000 people over 4 shows. This is a much looked forward to event which garners attention from the press and the public. These productions are unparalleled both in terms of performance and staging and are regarded by many as the Broadway equivalent.

2. Summer Theatre Workshop

This is an intensive 10 day workshop culminating in a production, open to existing students as well as new comers.

3. Annual Day

This is an event where every student gets an opportunity to go on stage. Students proudly showcase what they have learned through the year. The advanced level students take part in the 'Battle of the Houses' which is the high point of the day. It is a fun filled occasion with children as well as parents participating with equal gusto to bring home the trophies.

4. Tour

This exclusively curated tour was started by BSSD in 2011, once again consolidating it's position as the pioneer of theatric education for children in India. It is an unmatched experience introducing our students to the best of theatre both at Broadway, New York and West End, London.