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BSSD was established in June 1998. It was born as a culmination of a quest to have a credible institute that would impart the knowledge and skills of communication and theatre.In 2001 It acquired affiliation with the Trinity Guildhall College (London) . Additionally in 2010 it got affiliated to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, LAMDA (London). Based in Bangalore, BSSD has consistently been a pioneer in the field of theatre, communication skills and personality development. Over the past 20 years more than 5000 students of all ages have benefited from it's program. Every year exams are conducted by visiting faculty from LAMDA.Students of the school perform an annual production open to the public as an exercise in theatre. Besides enjoying the opportunity of such large scale exposure, they are also trained in oratory and communication skills, thus bringing laurels to their respective schools at the interschool arena.The Bangalore School of Speech and Drama, currently has no other counterparts in the city. It is a one of a kind institute that gives its students an environment to learn, grow and develop a critical appreciation of the performing arts, specifically theatre.


The founder and director of Bangalore School of Speech and Drama, she is the visionary responsible for the growth of children's theatre and communication education industry in Bengaluru. A doctor by trade, Dr. Zulfia Shaikh discovered a need for theatre and communication through the elocution circuit that schools often participated in between 1997 - 2001. She started by working with schools to train their students for competitions before becoming acutely aware of the selective nature of the competitions, in terms of students who are exposed to performance skill training.

In June 1998, Dr. Zulfia Shaikh founded the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama (BSSD) to try and expand the reach of the performance arts and communication skills to a wider part of the populous, in order to foster a new generation of Indian children who would approach the world stage undaunted and thrive on equal footing with the superpowers of the day. Single handedly, she created a niche for children's theatre through systematically cultivating a curriculum, complete with examinations and milestones, to track the holistic development of children who enrolled in the program. One of the pillars on which the school is built is the guarantee of a world class education in Drama and Speech. In order to achieve this, Dr. Zulfia Shaikh was the first person in Bengaluru to associate with the Trinity Guildhall London in 2001. This partnership provided the school with structured gradation and examinations for each grade thus providing clear milestones for the learning. Dr. Zulfia Shaikh is an exhibition award winner from the Trinity Guildhall London. She is the only Indian to attempt dual Licentiate Level Teaching in Communication Skills and Drama (LTCL), which is the highest grade of examination conducted by the Trinity Guildhall, and grants her the certification to devise curricula as well as conduct examinations on behalf of the Trinity Guildhall, in all the commonwealth nations. Not only did Dr. Zulfia Shaikh complete the LTCL examinations, but beat the highest recorded score for Communication Skills, and set a new world record for the highest score globally for the LTCL examination.

Over the years, Dr. Zulfia Shaikh, in her endeavor to pursue excellence and provide more value to her students also affiliated the school with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA). She was once again the first individual to bring these examinations to Bengaluru, to further her mission of providing the best possible education in theatre and communication skills to the Indian youth of today.

Through twenty years of focused efforts, Dr. Zulfia Shaikh has created a learning environment that not only teaches skills, but reaffirms behaviors that supplement the development of a confident, articulate, and fearless generation of Indian leaders.



BSSD has been a pioneer institute of its kind adopting a formal and structured syllabus. Our program is long term with children moving from one level to the next as they achieve varying levels of proficiency. This program brings theatre and communication skills to children across Bangalore. Our students are given the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge in three core areas- Drama, Elocution and Communication.

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  • “A fresh concept, with the focus on performance oriented drama. It has a very ‘tongue in cheek’ kind of humour”

  • “This year the children of BSSD took their audience on an unforgettable journey to various corners of the globe, guiding them through an exciting expedition”

  • “Watching this play was an exhilarating experience. It was a roller coaster ride all the way through to the end”

  • “Encourage a child’s innate theoretical talents to blossom and what do you have? Two wonderful plays, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ AND ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.”

  • “It was witty, smart and refreshingly well performed. For once a children’s play that largely steered clear of the ‘cute and sweet’ factor.”

  • “A play about breaking the confines of habit and asserting self-expression”

  • “A play which re-visits fairy tales in a contemporary setting.”

  • “A group of old, conniving story tellers narrate conventional fairy tales in the same tradition as Indian sutradhars.”